7 thoughts on “CBS First Look at Star Trek and MacGyver

  1. For a second, I thought this was a crossover!

    For some reason, that logo makes me think of the Romulans’ gold lamé in TOS.

  2. I hate new MacGyver already. The only good thing is the SAK in the logo.

  3. I hate new MacGyver already. The only good thing is the SAK in the logo.

    Male actors are on average so much more attractive now than they were in the 1980s, but for the new MacGuyver they manage find one who’s less attractive than the original.

    Okay, so I had a huge crush on Richard Dean Anderson back in the day.

  4. He’s not bad-looking (BTW I prefer RDA in early-to-mid Stargate SG-1), but the new MacGuyver looks about 19. I wasn’t into the original, so I don’t mind skipping a remake.

    Star Trek: It looks like the logo was taken over by a gold-plated Borg or something. I thought the show was going to be online only – is that still the case?

  5. Kendal,

    they’re going to premiere Trek on broadcast CBS, then take the series to All Access (streaming).

    My initial reaction to that was “what a perfect way to piss fans off – show them new Trek and then take it away, on the 50th anniversary year no less.”

    IF the show is any good, I fully expect a campaign by Trekkies to either offer it at no charge somewhere or keep it on broadcast. (Free Trek!)

    When the Axanar suit hit, I wasn’t that surprised – I’ve been thinking for a while that Paramount and CBS needed to get a “handle” on their property and come up with a parseable, coherent plan for dealing with fan work (just as Disney did with SW). I hoped then (and still do now) that they’d come up with a plan that made some room for everyone.

    Then, when they announced how they were planning on releasing the new series, I began to seriously question their goals and motivations (like many others have been): the approach to the law suit and the new show almost make it seem as if they are trying to divorce the show from the fan base. (And with Trek, I think we all know how that kind of thing ends up….)

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