Challenger #28 Online

Guy H. Lillian III has posted a new issue of Challenger, his Hugo-nominated fanzine. It’s a tremendous zine, with outstanding articles by Resnick, Benford, Toni Weisskopf, James Bacon, and Joseph Green.

My contribution is “Flashman at Klendathu.” Guy invited me to pay tribute to George Macdonald Fraser, author of the popular series of Flashman historical novels, who had recently passed away. As a fan’s imagination is prone to do, mine wandered from the stack of books Fraser had actually written to the novels we now would never see – such as the oft-hinted adventure that would explain how Flashman ended up fighting on both sides of the American Civil War. I knew I’d miss Fraser’s sharp wit and his gift for deflating pretensions about the glory of war. The free association set in motion by those thoughts at last made me wonder what Starship Troopers would have taught about military life if it had been Flashman telling the story instead of Johnny Rico. “Flashman at Klendathu” fills in that blank. (And the Charlie Williams illo is perfect!)

A final word: The Challenger website has announced a contest for the best-designed favicon, the little image that appears next to the URL address line in your web browser (if the site has one loaded.) Entries should be sent to [email protected] by the deadline, which somewhat arbitrarily is before “The next issue of Challzine — or December 31, 2008 — whichever comes first.” Entries will be displayed in the next issue and voted upon by the readers.

2 thoughts on “Challenger #28 Online

  1. The problem with Challenger is that you apparently have to sit in front of the computer to read it. I can’t figure out a way to download it so I can read it on my Palm or print it out. It’s like you were saying about the free downloads for the Hugo nominated novels. I actually didn’t know about this until after I’d bought all the books; but, like you, I don’t know if I would have been able to read them that way. Short stories are one thing, but novels…

    If I’m wrong about being able to download Challenger, I’d like to know the secret.

  2. I took a look at the Challzine site and didn’t find an alternative to reading it in webpage form. A wireless web browser of some kind would give a person more options where to do that. Or a person could copy each page into some more portable form, which is labor-intensive (and far less cool…) Does your Palm read PDF zines?

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