Cheryl Morgan’s Helsinki Tour

Cheryl Morgan has produced a good series of short videos exploring Helsinki and the 2015 bid’s proposed facilities. I’ve embedded one below (chosen for no better reason than I like the pub’s colorful display of bottles.)

This is the third set of Helsinki videos I’ve reported. It’s interesting to watch the changing dynamic. Most voters started out with little idea what to expect from a trip to Helsinki, while North Americans, at least, already had a notion of what they’d find in Orlando (Disneyworld) or even Spokane. The Helsinki committee not only has narrowed the information gap, it has communicated a playful spirit and a strong sense of humor in the process. And today, I saw a fan calling on the other two committees to shoot their own videos. What Helsinki bidders did from necessity has actually raised the bar for the competition.

Cheryl’s YouTube page has all her Helsinki exploits plus videos of other adventures, and writer interviews.

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  1. You mean this one? Or is there another? The one linked to is a 15-minute walk-around of the facilities with no narration.

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