Chicon 8 Publishes Progress Report #4

Chicon 8, the 2022 Worldcon, announced today that Progress Report #4 is available for the public to download from their website.

PROGRAM. Chair Helen Montgomery’s message touches on programming:

Our program is looking amazing — we’re going to have close to 700 program items such as panels and presentations and workshops. I’ve seen the list and … wow. The program team has definitely raised the bar for quality Worldcon programing this year! Watch our website and social media for sneak previews!

There is also good news that CART subtitles will be provided “for the Hugo Ceremony, Business Meeting, and the Masquerade at very least. Airmeet, our virtual platform, offers automatic subtitling for all virtual program items.”

There is also a extensive coverage of other Accessibility Services that will be available.

COVID. Those planning to attend in person are reminded about Chicon 8’s COVID-19 Policy:

COVID POLICY Chicon 8 strives to hold a welcoming and inclusive event. As with any community, portions of our population are at high risk for serious complications from Covid-19. Part of our responsibility to our community is safeguarding the health of all our members. To that end, proof of full vaccination for Covid-19 as defined by the CDC or countries with reasonably aligned vaccination protocols are required for entry to Chicon 8. Masks are required in all convention spaces except when actively eating or drinking in designated areas.

The full policy and FAQ can be viewed at the link.

COMMUNITY FUND. The Chicago Worldcon Community Fund, which is providing pay-what-you-can memberships and travel stipends to non-white fans or program participants, LGBTQIA+ fans or program participants, and local Chicago area fans of limited means, made its first set of awards to over 20 people in May. To help even more people they need to replenish their funds. You can make a cash donation by visiting the fund page at the link. And applications for assistance are still being accepted.

VOLUNTEERS. Hundreds of in-person volunteers are needed – check out Volunteer Opportunities. They also are looking for Virtual volunteers. See Volunteering – Chicon 8.

MEMBERSHIP. Progress Report #4 summarizes Chicon 8’s membership demographics as of May 14, 2022. Total membership is 4170, comprised of Adult Attending, 2626; Age Attending (**), 141; Virtual, 32; and Supporting, 1371. [Note: Age Attending (**) includes Young Adults, Teen and Child Attending Members plus Kids-in-To.]

The PR also includes a breakout of United States member statistics plus a map of the states color-coded for membership density. (Wait, that doesn’t sound right.)

1 thought on “Chicon 8 Publishes Progress Report #4

  1. And at Chicon 8/2022 (Chicago: Thu 1 – Mon 5 Sept inclusive), the only –so far– bid for Worldcon 2024 (ie Glasgow – scheduled : Thu 8 – Mon 12 August inclusive) will be voted on. That Scottish event is followed by (and so far the only other major SF event on that month) the already voted on, and now confirmed, Eurocon 2024 (Rotterdam :Thu 15 – Mon 19 August inclusive). But now –in the week before Glasgow (ie Sat 3 – Wed 7 August inclusive)– we have (announcement) LocationCon! Primarily designed for fen (from outside the UK) but who are then coming onto Glasgow (and then perhaps onto Rotterdam), it is scheduled to leave fans in the Scottish City 1 day early -on the afternoon/evening Wed 7 August (using group rail and coaches). [ The Glasgow Worldcon begins on the Thu 8th. ] LocationCon comprises four parts: (a) Sat: location visit to Woking (South West of London: H G Wells-War of The Worlds etc) for the Cylinder + 30m/60ft high Tripod there; (b) Sun : visits (all in Central London by Tube)-the only known remaining TARDIS (Dr Who) left in the Capital //// No 6 (the Prisoner) ‘s House //// Steed + Mrs Peel’s flat (in The Avengers) //// late Sun group rail travel to North West Wales for “Llanfair PG” (look this up on the web-we won’t spell it out for ye); ( c ) on the Mon, of course Portmeirion (“the Village”). Then late Mon, rail travel up toward Scotland. Then (d) : Tue and Wed location visits re the 1973 cult film THE WICKER MAN. These are very early days so initially I am merely gathering general interest. There is NO obligation to take this any further, if one is subsequently not interested. E-mails (heading “LocationCon” please) to davelally(at)outlook(dot)com. LocationCon is neither approved (nor disapproved) by either Glasgow or Rotterdam and is independent of both-tho the former is aware of it (after all we are bringing fans to the big event that follows LocationCon). best wishes and BCNU!

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