Christopher Marlowe Film Fundraiser for the Shakespeare Society of America

Christopher Marlowe shirt COMPBy Francis Hamit: The producers of Christopher Marlowe, The Kit Marlowe Film Co. plc, are doing a fundraiser through Tfund, a unit of Cafepress, for the Shakespeare Society of America, Inc .

Back when it was producing plays at the Globe Playhouse in West Hollywood, the Shakespeare Society of America presented the stage play that is the basis of my screenplay for this film about Marlowe’s other life as a spy.  Marlowe and Shakespeare were early contributors to our genre and the most fannish thing we could do is to put out this cross-promotional T-shirt.  Shakespeare Society of America is now a public benefit educational non-profit located in Moss Landing, California.  (I’m on the Board of Directors).

It’s only $25.00 and we hope that everyone will buy at least one (hint: the holidays are coming).  The nice thing is that you can get it in your exact size. The nicer thing is that SSA gets 100% of the profits while we have to be content with a little cheap reflected glory. Those who don’t want  t-shirt can simply make a direct donation. Those who don’t want this t-shirt can check out the Christopher Marlowe Shoppe on Cafepress.