So I’m reading the sports news and right in the middle of “Professor, 60, sucker punches mascot” I see the words “furry fan” – except they have nothing to do with the topic near and dear to Taral. The phrasing is coincidental, however much it seems to fit someone dressed as Goldy the Gopher:

“You know, it’s the old trick where you tap people on the wrong shoulder and they turn and don’t see you because you’re on the other side,” Goldy’s coach, Mike Elder, told the Tribune.

Goldy had reportedly played the trick on other fans, inducing smiles and laughter from the kids trailing behind him.

But Dokken had no initial reaction to the furry fan favorite. [Emphasis added] It was only after Goldy made a third attempt to get the math professor’s attention that Dokken suddenly turned and punched the mascot, knocking him back into the bleachers.

Interestingly, after the wire services picked up the story from the source publication edited the piece and eliminated the phrase. I guess they’ve already heard about the clanger.

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  1. Punch all the furry fans you like! They’ve given me a measure of grief, and re’s any number that I’d like to punch. On the other hand, there’s plenty of SF fans who’ve gotten in my face lately, who’d I’d love to mop the floor with.

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