Classic Sci-Fi Films Online

By Carl Slaughter: Available on YouTube.

4D MAN. Shakespearean story of a scientist who abuses his discovery because he can’t resolve his personal problems  –  love triangle, family drama, office politics.  A tragic man whose new found powers render him indestructible to others but who is all too capable of self destruction.  A great deal of time is devoted to building up to the protagonist/antagonist’s trip wire.

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THE FLESH EATERS. Another one of those long lost sci fi movies.  The first half is a lot more drama than science, but it’s good drama.  Really interesting characters.  At the end, the plot gets a bit wild with too many twists, then story turns into a creature feature.  Several gore scenes that live up to the movie’s title.  Plenty of biochemistry the hard science fans.  The aging actress alcoholic diva and the slang chanting beach hippie take turns stealing the show.

NOT OF THIS EARTH. A classic Roger Corman flick with a classic sci fi trope:  aliens desperately trying to use Earthlings to save their own dying species.  A nurse and her cop boyfriend play detective with help from the alien’s butler.

WAR OF THE SATELLITES. Every deep space probe sent from Earth is shot down.  Our scientists are unaware aliens are behind the destruction.  The aliens finally identify themselves and notify the United Nations that Earthlings are quarantine and warn them not to send any more probes.  Of course, the warning is ignored.  The aliens resort to assassinating and impersonating a key scientist.  One of Roger Corman’s best movies.

NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST. A team of scientists are stalked by parasitical alien.  Nuff said.  Roger Corman.  Nuff said.

FROZEN ALIVE. Lots of drama, lots of feasible, useful, and controversial science.  Lots of German jazz and lots of German accents.  Strong murder mystery subplot, strong love quadrangle subplot.

FOUR SIDED TRIANGLE. Two scientists, lifelong friends and now lab partners and business partners, have invented a replicator that converts energy to matter.  They plan to use it to provide the world with expensive medical equipment and rare drugs, end world hunger, and so on.  Government officials are concerned that hostile agents will steal the technology and use it to stockpile weapons of mass destruction.  But one of the scientists has another idea.  Their female childhood companion is attracted to only one of them.  The solution is as terrifying as it is obvious.  The result is “Frankenstein’s Bride” meets “The Prestige.”

RED PLANET MARS. Religious messages from Mars throw the world into economic chaos.  Subplot involving a former Nazi scientist working for the Soviets.

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