CLFA 2018 Book of the Year Shortlist

The finalists for the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance’s 2018 Book of the Year award have been announced.

  • Hans G. Schantz: A Rambling Wreck
  • Moira Greyland: The Last Closet
  • Jon del Arroz: For Steam and Country 
  • Kacey Ezell: Minds of Men 
  • Jagi Lamplighter: The Awful Truth About Forgetting
  • Chris Kennedy: The Golden Horde 
  • Chris Kennedy/Mark Wandrey (ed.): A Fistful of Credits 
  • John C. Wright: Daughter of Danger 
  • Richard Paolinelli: Escaping Infinity
  • Karl K. Gallagher: Torchship Captain

The public survey opens April 2. Check the website.

[Thanks to L. Jagi Lamplighter for the assist.]

15 thoughts on “CLFA 2018 Book of the Year Shortlist

  1. I see that they’re not feeling constrained by a need to establish a reputation for excellence. How refreshing.

  2. So, apparently they’re positioning themselves as a general-fiction-awarding group as opposed to specifically sff. Unless they consider “The Last Closet” to be fantasy as well as merely fictional?

  3. How do we pronounce that? is it “cliff-a”, “the cliff-a”?

    On the other hand, credit where credit is due: at least they had the honesty to name it for what it is, a political tool, rather than a genre tool.

  4. JJ on March 17, 2018 at 4:17 pm said:
    I see that they’re not feeling constrained by a need to establish a reputation for excellence. How refreshing.

    Let’s not knock their need for in-group signalling.

  5. How does one “devole” anyway? What did the innocent vole ever do to anyone? We’ll be demole-ing and debunny-ing next!

  6. Jon, I’m shocked you seem to have no appreciation for my work tracking down and verifying the list of nominees so I could write this story, even though the organization made no effort of its own to publicize the shortlist.

  7. The Leading Hispanic Voice: why do you allow your comments to devole in to nasty comments of people just talking shit about authors?

    I made no comments about authors. I referred to the quality of the works.

    One would expect that The Leading Hispanic Voice In Science Fiction Who Bypasses Blog Bans By Using Sockpuppet Accounts would have better reading comprehension than this. Sad.

  8. @Mike —

    Jon, I’m shocked

    Mike, according to Nicholas Whyte’s analysis, it would be more accurate to call any of about 15 or 20 other authors “The Leading Hispanic Voice” in sff. So perhaps it was actually Carmen Marchado or Daniel Older asking this question?

    Just a thought!

  9. Contrarius: Only if they would also have linked to the Happy Frogs website as our sockpuppet did.

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