Clifton’s Cafeteria Lights The Way

2015_01_cliftons2New Clifton’s Brookdale owner Andrew Meieran started rehabbing LA’s oldest surviving cafeteria in 2010. Last week he turned on its neon lights for the first time in decades as part of the celebration of Night on Broadway.

The result is that Clifton’s exterior once more resembles the place LASFS met in the 1930s. Gone are the metal grates that have covered the building’s façade since 1960.

LASFS co-founder Roy Test Jr. recalled during the club’s 75th anniversary banquet in 2009 that most of his fannish memories were from meetings at Clifton’s Cafeteria when he was 13 or 14 years old. He remembered the green drink circulating in Clifton’s fountain. He said his mother, Wanda Test, volunteered to be club secretary as a way to come to the meetings “and see what kind of oddballs I was associating with. Maybe it didn’t occur to her I was the oddest one there.”

(Photo by Hunter Kerhart Photography.)

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One thought on “Clifton’s Cafeteria Lights The Way

  1. Mike: I remember going to Clifton’s Cafeteria in 2010, which I gather is just before the place closed for remodeling. I hope Clifton’s is a nice place with good food. We need more cafeterias! Martin

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