Colorado Fans Evacuate

Waldo Canyon fire. (Denver Post)

Kent Bloom and Mem Morman evacuated their home in Colorado Springs on June 26 to escape the Waldo Canyon fire.

Morman told fans they have gone to live with her daughter across town.

Their house is not on the burned out list, so they are cautiously hopeful. The Waldo Canyon fire has burned 347 homes and is only 30% contained at this time, reports the Denver Post.   

Google Maps shows Kent and Mem live approximately a mile east of the fire-ravaged Mountain Shadows neighborhood. (See details in the local government’s preliminary damage assessment  [PDF file].)

Bloom chaired Denvention 3, the 2008 Worldcon.

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2 thoughts on “Colorado Fans Evacuate

  1. Unfortunately, this is probably a manifestation of the global warming that Dick Cheney and the Kock brothers tell is is only the imagination of four-eyed chrome domes who probably have some hidden agenda.

  2. Stated elsewhere: what is needed is a good volcanic blast. When Mount St. Helens corked, the average temp. worldwide dropped a degree or so, resulting in servere cold. I can recall the winter following in NYC as being extremely frigid. Of course that is the time my car’s heater stopped working.

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