Comics That Should Have Happened

Solo UNCLE Super Team FamilyRoss Pearsall has designed over a thousand faux comic book covers in his Super-Team Family series of “Team-ups that never happened…But should have!”

Some are played straighter than others. There’s RoboCop versus Judge Dredd, Superman and Iron Man, and Captain Marvel and The Mighty Thor.

But what about Harley Quinn and Howard the Duck? Legion of Super Pets and Lockjaw? The Hulk and Elfquest?

You’re one click away from cover #1,000, a retrospective celebration which includes a large number of examples in one post, and features Pearsall’s memoir about developing the concept as a kid.

5 thoughts on “Comics That Should Have Happened

  1. Someone gave me a comic titled GODZILLA VERSUS CHARLES BARKLEY…I could name other stuff, but this is enough. The thing to wonder is–who thought of it, why was it written, why did the artist(s) do it, and why was it published. A whole line of talent where no one said “WTF?”

  2. Oh, I’m sure they said WTF, but sometime’s that’s the whole reason behind such. Probably the ultimate was The Punisher Meets Archie…which was actually quite good (Punisher is pursuing a crook who looks just like Archie and ends up in Riverdale) in that the Punisher actually kinda liked Riverdale’s inherent retro-sweetness.

  3. It was so obvious… why didn’t *I* think of it! Unfortunately, the list of really famous members of the Solo family ends there… Wikipedia shows a smattering of minor singers, actors and jockies, but no astronauts, superheros or presidents.

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