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  1. It does if I whitelist file770.com for JavaScript.

    There’s something a little odd going on with escape sequences. Let’s see how this actually renders if I post…


  2. So, one quirk is that the plugin renders escape sequences before you type the final semicolon.

    However, it does correctly ignore tags that aren’t allowed in comments, like ul and ol.

  3. Let’s see if this works for me-yes it does. Firefox latest update, Windows

  4. It appears to work for me: Safari 7.1.6 on an older MacBook running OS X 10.9.5.

    The only (rather trivial)l glitch I’ll note is that the live preview box partially covers the “Post Comment” button.

  5. Testing.

    Yup – nice little window shows up below the post. And it seems to handle italics



  6. It seems to work on Safari 8.0.6 on a Macintosh, but not on Firefox 38.0.1 with NoScript, which tends to be a cranky browser anyway, but the one I generally use since Safari changed its cookie policy.

    UPDATE: Except that when I tried to post from that Safari browser I got an “Error establishing a database connection” message and had to copy the text over to my Firefox Browser to post here.

    It is likely to be a problem with my specific machine rather than the plugin.

  7. “The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to preview all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of the puppies, and it was not meant that we should voyage far.”

    Yes, seems to work!

  8. It also renders characters that won’t render correctly in final post. Or at least haven’t in the past.

    For instance, the hot-button phrase of the last few days: ?? ??????

    Or a bit of Latin Extended-A: ?

  9. So yeah, those still won’t render in comments, but looked fine in the preview.

  10. In Safari 8.0.6 on Mac OS X 10.10.3 I see the same layout glitch as Mike Kennedy: the preview overlaps and obscures the left end of the “Post Comment” button. Otherwise works like a snap.

  11. I’d have to post a comment to see if this works. Oh, wait. I am posting a comment and it seems to be working! Look at that! My words appear twice. Hey, I’m having fun. 🙂

  12. It seems to work fine with Opera on an Android tablet: (Opera 29.0.xxxxxx on Android 4.2.1)

  13. Is it working with your browser and hardware?

    Looks fine on Linux + Chrome.

  14. Let me just try this out real quick…

    Oh, yes, it so works. I love this.

    Is it working with your browser and hardware?

    Yep it absolutely is. (And I love seeing it live while typing instead of having to press a button and then back up to change things.) Nice job!

    For collection of systems data, I’m using an iPad 3 at the moment.

  15. Let’s see. Yes, seems to be working with Windows 8.1 and Firefox 38.0.1. As before noted, it slightly covers the ‘post comment’ thingy.

  16. Yes! I can bold and use italic and it shows in the preview.
    © copyright
    ¼ a quarter
    Þ a thorn
    ÷ and conquer

    Firefox 38.0.1 MacOs

  17. Trying out a few tags like
    underline (which isn’t supported)


    Preview working fine for me using Chrome on Windows 7: It appears in a new window as I type (which as MPMRommel mentions, slightly covers the “Post Comment” button).

    Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.

  18. Windows 8, Firefox latest, Ad-Blocked and NoScripted.

    As previously mentioned, the preview window partially blocks the Post Comment button

  19. Test two. Test One was a bust (no preview window)… Oh, I see. Requires javascript. Nice for those silly tags and ESC sequences that so often go wrong, tho…

  20. Its working just fine in both Safari and Maxthon browsers on the most recent version of the iPad, iOS 8.3 🙂

  21. Is it working with your browser and hardware?

    It works for me with Opera on Windows <7>.

  22. Win 8.1, Firefox 38.0.1

    (a) preview sometimes shows odd changes in font size, which do not carry over to the actual posted text

  23. The only complaint I have is that the “preview” window partially covers the “Post Comment” button. The letters P, o, and the first half of letter s.

    One possible solution would be to remove the “avatar box” from the preview.

    I use Firefox. Version 38.0.1, I think. (I do have some adblock addons too.)

  24. I just noticed that the time and date in the preview box are rather nonsensical: The preview says that I’m typing this “on May 25, 3794 at 2:32 pm”, but when I post it, it will report the time as today, May 24, at approximately 8:19 pm, which is PST, an hour behind California at this time of year (is Mike hosting File770.com on a private island in the Pacific?).

  25. Morris Keesan: For years I had this blog stuck on Laotian time due to my massive ineptitude at figuring how many timezones I was away from Zulu.

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