Condensed Cream of Sci-Fi Videos

By Carl Slaughter: (1) Talkin’ about my generation. Star Wars and Star Trek inspired a generation that valued scientific progress and fictional storytelling.  By contrast, Marvel Cinematic Universe takes a shared universe/established characters approach to its movies.  “If the Star Wars [and Star Trek] generation was scientists and inventors [and storytellers], the MCU generation is business executives and marketing agents.”  –  The Unintentional Fallacy

(2) Verne’s conqueror. Although Jules Verne’s story 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is a more popular novel, Robur the Conqueror has a similar but more complex character.  Nemo is on a mission to explore the sea.  Robur is on a mission to end war.  The title of the 1961 screen adaptation comes from the sequel, Master of the World, but the plot comes from the original novel.  Vincent Price and Charles Bronson play the leads.  Which is the protagonist and which is the antagonist is up to the viewer to decide.  Suffice it to say, Bronson’s character describes Robur as “a man who is willing to destroy the world in order to save it.”

(3) Mostly Wonder. Houston of Houston Productions likes the first and second act of the Wonder Woman movie.  He wants to put the third act out of its misery.

(4) And these are the good guys. Grunge points out disturbing aspects in the Star Wars universe, including among the good guys.  Example:  The Jedi are the most noble and civilized species in the galaxy.  Yet Obi-Wan cut off Anakin’s legs and left him to burn in lava. — The Dark Truth Behind The Star Wars Saga.

(5) Raining on his parade. Grunge also says, “Don’t be Batman.”  \

(6) Hideouts and hangouts. Editorial note: See the attachment for the perfect comic book screen shot illustrating the theme of this superhero video.

(7) The Captain. Kate Mulgrew / Kathryn Janeway time capsule.

(8) Reunion 2015. During their 20th anniversary reunion, the cast of “Voyager” take turns telling embarrassing set stories about each other.

(9) Relief pitcher. Next Generation, Comic Con, April 2017, 30th anniversary reunion panel, minus Patrick Stewart, including William Shatner

(10) Game show. Star Trek cast members play Weakest Link for their favorite charity.

(11) Looking for work. Doctor Strange applies to become an Avenger.  He is interviewed by Vision.  The interview does not go well.

(12) The horror. Horror remakes in the works

(13) Try to remember. Forgotten superhero movies

(14) Fans at work. Awesome fan made superhero films  –  better than the big budget blockbuster.

(15) Batfans. Best fan made Batman films

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One thought on “Condensed Cream of Sci-Fi Videos

  1. (1) Ugh. I could not finish that Marvel Problem video. That garbage just infuriates me.

    I wish I could articulate why these Hipster screeds about how much “better” or “meaningful” something that came out 40 years ago has more of a cultural impact and significance than something that is happening right now. How about we wait until 2028, or later, to see how the children seeing this material have be impacted by it? They’re still children, for Sense of Wonder’s sake!!!

    I was ten years old when Star Wars hit screens and, while I was enraptured by the film, collected the toys and role played with my childhood friends, it did not have a lasting impact on me. It did not blow my mind out of my skull and shoot it to the Moon and beyond. Because that had already happened, when I was eight years old. The movie that did that for me was Jaws. There are numerous/countless artists, producers, businesspersons, scientists, etc. that became who they are because they saw Jaws at the right moment for it to make the right impression on them.

    The very same came be said/repeated for Star Trek, or Alien, or Grease, or Dirty Harry, or Flash Gordon, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Game of Thrones, or… well, the list really is endless. Because it is being added to every second of every minute of every hour of every day.

    If something doesn’t speak to you, connect with you, or mean anything to you, that is perfectly fine. Just don’t confuse that with an absence of meaning or relevance or impact in the material itself. We all perceive things differently. Let the kids and fans enjoy the magic they enjoy.

    ETA: Wow! First!

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