Connie Willis Eye Surgery Successful

Connie Willis, who required surgery to repair the fractured floor of her eye socket, has a good news update on her blog:

Dear Everybody: I’m recovering nicely from the surgery (as witness the fact that I’m able to write my own updates now.) No more double vision, which is wonderful, and not a lot of pain (though I’m still on painkillers, so maybe I do have pain and just don’t know it.) My main problem is exhaustion. I think I feel fine, but then when I try to do anything, I wear out very, very fast, and so spend lots of time taking naps. My eye looks horrific–like something out of a scary movie or King Lear or something–and I have a black eye, but otherwise no signs of the surgery.

And Lee Whiteside reports there now is a “Fans of Connie Willis” page on Facebook where you can look for official news about the writer.

5 thoughts on “Connie Willis Eye Surgery Successful

  1. Glad to hear she is recovering. Hope the fatigue lets up and I wish her a swift return to health.

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