Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance Votes First Book of the Year Award

The Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance is a Facebook group with over 700 members. Two weeks ago they announced their first Book of the Year Award. Although it is not a genre award, sf&f works comprised around 25% of the nominees and 60% of the finalists.

Novels from both 2013 and 2014 were eligible. Nominations produced a list of 32 books, and these five works were voted the finalists:

  • Bidinotto, Robert – Bad Deeds: A Dylan Hunter Thriller (Dylan Hunter Thrillers, Book 2)
  • Chandler, Mackey – Family Law
  • Correia, Larry – Monster Hunter Nemesis (Monster Hunters International, Book 5)
  • Hoyt, Sarah A. – Witchfinder (Magical Empires, Book 1)
  • Hoyt, Sarah A. – A Few Good Men (Darkship, Book 3)

Robert Bidinotto’s thriller Bad Deeds won. Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter Nemesis finished second.

CLFA’s founders call it a networking group of creators, publishers and reviewers “who work together to raise the profile of fiction that contains Conservative-Libertarian principles.”

One thought on “Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance Votes First Book of the Year Award

  1. Good for them. Every Anti-Sad Puppy person I’ve seen post has told them to do just this. I wonder how long it’ll take before someone claims they are being racist/sexist/aggressive/etc.

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