CoNZealand Exhibits Hall Is Still Open – Art! Dealers! And More!

Photo by Soon Lee

CoNZealand wants to remind members that they can continue to access The Hall-O-Deck — The CoNZealand Exhibit Hall — through August 9.

Our Exhibits Hall is open and full of awesomeness, please go and check it out –! (Remember, you’ll need to be logged in (scroll down on the Get Started page to Step Two) through your CoNZealand membership email to access).

  • Art Show – you can view art 24/7 here. Links are provided so you can go to the Artist’s own site and buy direct from them.
  • Dealers Hall – Check out our Dealers’ wares — books, art, jewelry, Steampunk treats and more — displayed in the Hall, and click through to buy, 24/7.
  • Displays – available 24/7, follow Larry & Misty’s Trippy Timeline, or take a SF&F Tiki Tour of New Zealand with Stamps, plus much more.

[Thanks to Tom Whitmore and Spike for the story.]

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One thought on “CoNZealand Exhibits Hall Is Still Open – Art! Dealers! And More!

  1. I wonder how many dealers are still there (answering live, or even hooked up to receive queries)? The person running NESFA’s table had several difficulties, even with support from NESFA computer types; I can see other dealers deciding they’d spent enough effort.

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