CoNZealand Opens Site Selection

CoNZealand has opened site selection voting for the location of the World Science Fiction Convention in 2022. There are two filed bids, for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and Chicago, Illinois, USA. Full information is available at the convention’s website.

Email ballots will be accepted via the process explained at the link. For those who wish to cast their ballot by postal mail, CoNZealand asks that you send it as soon as possible, as there are delays in global mail due to the global pandemic.

Whether you vote by mail or online, you must also pay an Advance Supporting Membership (Voting) Fee of NZ$72 to vote in the 2022 Worldcon site selection. Payment may only be made on the CoNZealand website, using your credit card. No checks or cash will be accepted by mail. HOWEVER, the system to make online payments for site selection tokens is not available yet. CoNZealand will announce it online and to the members when it is ready. Voters must purchase their site selection token before July 29 for their ballot to be counted. If you have any questions, please email

CoNZealand will host a one-hour moderated session on June 27/28 where members can hear each 2022 bid make a presentation and also hear the bids respond to questions submitted by members to the moderators.  Attending members can submit questions to be asked of the bids via this form.

9 thoughts on “CoNZealand Opens Site Selection

  1. I think I’ll consult Jamal Khashoggi’s family…

    My thoughts exactly.

    Also, when I went to Chicago for their last Worldcon I was super impressed. They did a bang-up job. I’d never been to Chicago and enjoyed all the morning walks and getting to hear about the history of the buildings, etc. And I think that’s the one where we got to visit the Planetarium, which was super cool.

    I was also really impressed that heir train station was right inside the airport!! And so cheap!

  2. Cassy B: They mean you can submit a signed PDF of your site selection ballot by email.

  3. Mike Glyer: They mean you can submit a signed PDF of your site selection ballot by email.

    That’s still a huge improvement over what it’s been in the years up to now, which is “somehow get a physical form to them before the voting deadline”.

  4. Ita: when I went to Chicago for their last Worldcon I was super impressed. They did a bang-up job.

    The Programming was across a wide range of subjects and really interesting. And their consuite was first-rate.

    But a lot of the programming was in an “annex” which was connected to the hotel at a chokepoint where an escalator went down one floor. There was one small elevator there which was rarely available, and it was a nightmare for people with mobility needs. There were also a number of accessibility issues with program rooms, and the main hotel elevators ended up having massive lines and long waits.

    I’m hoping that they’re figuring out ways to address these problems if they win the bid.

  5. I’m not sure what you think I omitted. What that means is it’s not online voting, as is available for the Hugos.

  6. @Mike Glyer (in the post): “Whether you vote by mail or online, . . .”

    Also @Mike Glyer (in a comment): “What that means is it’s not online voting . . .”

    Er, yes. 😉 Baby steps and whatever it is/what we call it, yay! And bonus points: we can use electronic signatures, whew.

  7. If Chicago wins, and if one plans for a day out and about, please consider the 90 Miles Cuban Cafe on N. Clybourn for a meal and Dinkel’s bakery on N. Lincoln for dessert. You will not be disappointed.

    I was introduced to 90 Miles by a former Chicago resident a few years back. I’ve been back several times since then despite living in another state and half a day away via highway.

    Dinkel’s is where my grandparents always bought birthday cakes and other breakfast-oriented comestibles. They put all the good stuff inside!!

    “I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts, and beer.” – Abraham Lincoln

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