Cora Buhlert Wins 2021 Space Cowboy Award

Congratulations to Cora Buhlert, recipient of the 2021 Space Cowboy Award for support and excellence in the field of science fiction.

See more close-up photos of Cora and the award at her blog.

The award is presented by Space Cowboy Books, a sff specialty bookstore in Joshua Tree, California owned by Jean-Paul Garnier — who’s also the new editor of Star*Line, the magazine of the Speculative Poetry Association.

The first Space Cowboy Award was given in 2020 to Gideon and Janice Marcus of Galactic Journey “for the contribution to the field of SF, their dedication to education, and there incredible support toward Space Cowboy Books.”

28 thoughts on “Cora Buhlert Wins 2021 Space Cowboy Award

  1. Congratulations (or should that be Yeehaw!) Cora. Wear your ten-gallon space helmet with pride.

  2. This is fantastic, Cora, and so well-deserved. I am ever amazed at the sheer depth and breadth of fan writing you do, in addition to writing fiction and working as a translator.

  3. Thanks again, everybody. I had no idea this was coming, so I was surprised and delighted when the trophy arrived in the mail.

  4. Congrats, that one cool looking award and good company with the first winner.

  5. Belated congratulations. Your endeavours in space cowboying(whatever that is) bears delightful fruit!

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