Corflu on the Fly, Part V

Here is what technology has done for fandom. Thanks to the Internet, I can run out to the lobby after the Corflu banquet and post the bits of news revealed by the speakers — to be read mainly by an audience of people who already saw every moment via the online simulcast. 

Those bits of news begin with the Fanzine Activity Achievement — FAAn — awards.

  • Best Fanzine: Prolapse, edited by Peter Weston
  • Best Fan Artist: Dan Steffan
  • Best Fan Writer: Arnie Katz
  • Best Letterhack: Robert Lichtman
  • Best New Fan: John Coxon
  • Best Fan Website:
  • #1 Fan Face: Arnie Katz

Then Len Bailes announced that the participants in the Virtual Corflu (in the chatroom), which drew as many as 38 fans at one time, had all signed a special award certificate of thanks to Bill and Roxy Mills.

There really has been a Virtual Corflu, and during yesterday’s state of fandom panel those logged on held a lively discussion of the topic. Peter Sullivan has posted his transcript on the Corflu LiveJournal community.

Other Corflu Honors: Ted White polled the audience and determined that the Past President of Fan Writers of America (fwa) for 2007 had been Dan Steffan.

Finally, everyone acclaimed Randy Byers’ bid to hold next year’s Corflu in Seattle.