Critical Cat

There are bloggers who regularly publish photos of the piles of new books they’ve been sent for review. I once did it myself.

Something I’ve always assumed is that no one would display their freebies in a way that might discourage publishers from sending more. The iconoclastic Nalini Haynes must feel differently.

She titled a post “Cat pissing contest: Items received recently” and filled it with photos of her cat posed beside stacks of new books. One photo has this caption:

I guess putting her scent on the loot takes higher priority. Is this a cat’s version of a pissing contest?


4 thoughts on “Critical Cat

  1. She’s not pissing on them, just rubbing her facial scent glands on them to establish hegemony. Only other cats can pick up this scent. So it’s not that icky.

  2. I don’t know if that matters once somebody’s read the headline. (Apologies if you were disappointed.)

  3. As I tell people, this is why all the cats at the farm live outside.

    I’ve already pubbed a photo of one of my rooms. Granted that I myself find five rooms filled with books excessive. And why no cats live inside.

  4. ROFL. Not what I expected to see when I did my 6-monthly google check, but ROFL.

    You have a point and yet publishers understand the symbiotic relationship between cats and the interwebz. Publishers want their books up on walls that will be viewed, so they want their books on walls with some kind of hook to attract visits.

    I have piles and piles of books for review, I struggle to find enough reviewers to cover the books even though I regularly turn down books for review. Publishers aren’t exactly running away from my ‘items received’ column; the big 5 are still sending unsolicited books as well as requested books.

    I wouldn’t advocate regularly using the cat pissing contest title, which was an allegory for Smokey’s ongoing battle with Edgar Allan Purr NOT an actual urination event. However, if you receive books, DVDs, media passes etc for review, publishers like the items going online for visibility.

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