Crystal Huff’s Helsinki

Crystal Huff went to Finland for Acon and used the opportunity to shoot brief interviews for a video promoting the Helsinki in 2015 Worldcon bid called “Meet the Conrunners of Finland.”

I found the first segment hard to follow, perhaps because it was recorded in front of a glass wall that distorted the acoustics, but the others came out okay.

One thought on “Crystal Huff’s Helsinki

  1. Belated thanks for posting this! I am sorry about the acoustics — we had terrible trouble with the microphones, and ended up losing many interviews due to lack of sound entirely.

    I also have a question about our videos. For some reason, many people saw only this “Meet the Finnish Conrunners” video, and not the “Why Helsinki” video we published at the same time ( … Any idea why? I’m very curious, particularly since the spontaneous silliness at the end of the “Why Helsinki” video is my favorite bit we got on tape.

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