CUFF Looking for Candidates

Nominations are open for the 2013 Canadian Unity Fan Fund which will send a fan from Western Canada to Ottawa for Can-Con in October.

Debra Yeung, last year’s winner, explains the Western region of Canada is defined as Manitoba and parts West.

Can-Con is host of 2013’s CanVention, the annual convention of the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association.

CUFF nominees must apply by April 21. Applications require a minimum of three supporters from the West and three from the East, plus a letter from the nominee with a self-description and explanation why this would be beneficial for them and their communities.

Any Canadian fan or pro may individually nominate a fan to be this year’s CUFF delegate by sending an email outlining your reasons for believing that the fan would make a good delegate to: [email protected] or filling out the form at:- Nominators who are not known to the current fund administrators Debra Yeung or Kent Pollard should provide a name and contact info for a fan who is known to one of them.

Final voting will run May 1-June 10. Anyone may vote for CUFF who has been active in Canadian fandom for two years prior to the Canvention, (so for this year, October of 2013) or anyone who has a membership to Can-Con 2013. Voters are required to make a donation to the fund of at least $5.00