Darth Burger Coming

A French burger chain will soon be selling Star Wars themed meals of a kind never before offered (or possibly, wanted):

[The] real blockbuster comes only from March 2-5, when Quick diners can order the “Dark Vador” (their spelling) burger, which features a bun dyed as black as Vader’s heart (the chain says it uses a “vegetable coloring agent” to get the black bun). Quick is calling this the “first black coloured burger ever created.” Red pepper slices and cheese top the burger patty.

Your digestive system will be turned the dark side, that’s for certain.

These burgers are being marketed by Quick, a European fast-food chain that started in Belgium in 1971, then in 2007 was nationalized by the French government through its investment holding company.

The French are notorious for their love-hate relationship with American fast food. But the last time Quick courted controversy it was with a change that arguably made its menu healthier, even if health was not the primary consideration. In 2010 Quick took pork off the menu at its restaurants in several localities to make itself more appealing to France’s increasingly visible Muslim minority.

3 thoughts on “Darth Burger Coming

  1. Europe was supposed to be the heartland of health-food facism — where laws were passed against sugar and taxes placed on fat… where you could drink beer and wine and it was *good* for you… unlike here. What happened?

  2. I haven’t had a fast-food burger in many years, but I would totally try that! Then regret it… Dum dum dum dada dum dada dum…

  3. At the 1978 Leprecon, Barry Bard arrived from his workplace with bagfuls of goodies. He’d been working at one of the games held in the Phoenix Coliseum sports arena, and as part of a St. Patrick’s Day promotion*, attendees had been given green bagels. There were lots of unclaimed bagels, which Barry glommed onto and brought to LepreCon to add to consuite edibles.

    These weren’t just green bagels. They were EXTREMELY green bagels. And more than one person reported that they, umm, stayed green even after ingestion. So I would expect similar results from the black buns shown here.

    *(This was while LepreCon was still held on or near St. Patrick’s Day; I think it was 1979 when the convention moved to a less-expensive date in May.)

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