15 thoughts on “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Airs 1/21

  1. This looks really boring … as most superhero moves increasingly do to me. More stupid martial arts, more cgi effects, more explosions, more street gang cool… yawn.

    In this case, the superheroes all seem made with cookie cutters. I recognize Hawkman and Hawkgirl from DC’s early 1960s line-up, but the rest seem made up by consulting a demographics chart and a list of convenient “powers.” Even then, the Hawk pair were minor characters in the DC universe, who were unable to stay on their feet long…

  2. Yikes!

    I was about to hop on and say this trailer got me excited in a way none of the recent superhero previews have accomplished!

    (Taral and I must just have different sensibilities! 😉

    But the Atom?

    Hawkman and Hawkgirl?

    Count me in…

    I just hope it doesn’t have what some filmmakers think is modern “attitude.”

  3. it doesn’t really excite me, but I do recognize most of the heroes, and I am pretty out of touch on comics these days.

  4. I’m sufficiently interested in seeing something with the Atom, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and other lesser-known DC heroes (the ones that I recognize from my childhood, at a time when DC was big and Marvel was just about to become big again) that I’ll probably give this a try, but this trailer looks like it was made by someone trying to turn me away from the series.

  5. Of the eight characters chosen…

    Firestorm, aka “The Nuclear Man” – introduced in the Flash TV series, but I was reading his comics in the 1980s. Counts as two because the superhero manifests when a professor and a college kid merge. (Traditionally, the hero is mostly the kid with the professor acting as a voice in his head.)

    Captain Cold and Heat Wave – Mainstays of the Flash rogue’s gallery.

    Hawkman and Hawkgirl – again, not exactly new characters except insofar as they were recently introduced in the TV universe, along with Vandal Savage. In this version, all three are immortal, but they reincarnate while he’s undying.

    The Atom – Classic DC hero, kind of an analogue to Marvel’s Ant-Man… but with an Iron Man suit instead of a bug-control helmet.

    White Canary – The TV universe gets a little complicated on the subject of Black Canary. They’re sisters.

    As for Rip Hunter, he’s got a long publication history as a time traveler, but not one I’m personally all that familiar with. Vandal Savage is one of the DC universe’s major villains, but without a lot of mainstream name recognition. In the original comics, he was a caveman who became immortal after encountering a mysterious meteorite.

    Basically, this is the third “Arrowverse” show, extending the CW’s DC universe from two shows (Arrow and Flash) to three, all on consecutive nights. Add Supergirl into the mix, and it’s kind of mind-blowing to realize that DC has a solid superhero show in prime time on four out of five weeknights.

  6. Rev Bob: I was right there with you until you called ‘Supergirl’ a ‘solid show’. I admit to having given up after the first episode, but that’s only because the first episode was so. very. very. bad.

    Like ‘Black Widow: Age of Me‘ bad.

  7. I used to like Firestorm a lot, but there was a lot of messing around with him/them. The russian version irritated me and the elemental wars more or less destroyed the character. Haven’t checked out anything after that.

  8. @LordMelvin:

    Might I suggest revisiting the first episode of several shows you consider classics and comparing them to your memories of the whole series? Or, in TNG’s case, most of the first season? You may find them much closer to “very. very. bad.” than you remember.

    I’m used to it taking a while for a new genre show to find its voice, especially when the concept also involves the lead character taking on a new role and fumbling along the way rather than having godlike mastery from the first day. If all you’ve watched of Supergirl is the pilot, I’d say you’ve missed out on a good deal of growth and development. (Plus, they actually did a decent job with Red Tornado!)

    On the flip side, a friend of mine stopped watching Arrow last season because he got sick of seeing the Idiot Ball get thrown back and forth so much.

    (ETA: It strikes me that the current lineup goes from sunny to bright to dark, dimming over the course of the week. I wonder how LoT will compare to that trend.)

  9. Ennnh. Personally, Supergirl is currently faaaar better then 95% of Smallville ever was, and a much stronger beginning than Green Arrow did (Caveat: I gave up on GA after 3 episodes. I’m aware it gets better, and people with similar tastes keep recommending it and Flash, but….spoons).

    Mind you, I may be slightly biased in that it’s got my second favourite DC character ever in a prominent role (Kyv Dreylekvi wifd Drij) and that it is *fun*.

  10. Well, I’ve liked Arthur Darvill for a few years now, so that’s enough to get me to watch the first couple of episodes. I know nothing about the comics or shows on which the characters are based, but it looks like fun and will be worth a peek.

  11. Hmm, there’s some fun casting there, but it’s also a really big cast to handle – I worry it’ll take a while before any characters get well-established. I’ll certainly give it a try.

  12. I like it. Time travel, super powers, good guys that are good, bad guys that are bad, it’s a comic book. That’s why we read comics in the first place, to see the good guys beat the bad guys.

    Of course, this being television, most likely the plot gets bogged down into the usual tropes and ‘relationship’ crap, Hawk Man and Hawk Girl can’t even make it through the trailer without angst. I can’t watch Arrow because of that stuff, and Flash season 2 I’m waiting for on Netflix. The whole subplot of Flash and Iris made the show soooo tedious sometimes. Just ditch her and be done with it, there’s only so many times you can yell that at the screen before you’re sorry you paid for the series.

    Worth looking at, at least. So little on TV is worth looking at, a glimmer of interest is a welcome change.

    Incidentally, Man From Uncle and Terminator Genesis were fun to watch. Proper spy movie, proper SF movie. Overall, I prefered Terminator to Star Wars this year. There was just too many spots where Star Wars made me face palm. Terminator didn’t have any of those “oh come ON!” moments where they violate their own cannon -and- physics.

  13. I liked the Man From Uncle film, but felt it lacked something Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes films had – maybe there was a lack of sheer over-the-top bravura blow-out-the-walls set-pieces, which is odd considering the opportunities a 60s spy caper should have offered, as opposed to a supposedly cerebral Victorian detective story.

    As for this, it looks exciting, but I agree with Phantom here. I just don’t want to commit to these 24-episode-a-season shows that always seem to need to get bogged down in soap-opera and idiot-stick-sharing to stretch out their stories. Daredevil and Jessica Jones were much leaner and tighter with their short runs, and actually Jessica Jones could have benefited from losing an episode or three.

  14. It looks promising to me. Good cast. I like “Supergirl”, though I Could Not Even with “Arrow”. I have a timeslot open, so what the heck. I predict they’re going to pare down the cast by at least next year, though.

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