Dead On

The Woman Who Died A Lot, the next book in Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next series, comes out this week. There’s an interview with the author in the Washington Post:

Do you enjoy seeing more authors play with genre the way you do?

Someone said to me that I was the grandfather of mash-up, which I’m not sure is true at all. But it is interesting to note that there are now murder stories taking place in Pemberley in the “Pride & Prejudice” world, which I don’t think would have been done before. Terry Pratchett now has a book called “Dodger,” which is presumably the character from Dickens. And there are all sorts looking at these characters and saying, “Well, yeah, why can’t we play with them? Why can’t we reinvent them? Why can’t we reimagine them?” And I think maybe there’s a little bit there from me.

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  1. The first (so far as I know) murder mystery taking place at Pemberley (in part) was by T.H. White and was published in 1932. So the idea has been around a while.

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