Dick Tracy, George Jetson and You

You may still be waiting for your flying car but Samsung wants you to know your smartwatch is already here. This commercial for the Galaxy is a montage of stfnal TV and cartoon characters using wrist communication devices.

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the link.]

2 thoughts on “Dick Tracy, George Jetson and You

  1. For those of us who cannot bear to be alone with their thoughts and must inform the world of every breath they take, I’m sure this will be a godsend. I never had a need for a smart phone, don’t need a pad or tablet or whatever, and will probably not need a two-way wrist radio either. People can easily reach me at home since I’m there most of the time … and surprisingly few people seem to have the need.

  2. People don’t call you, or you need to call them, because you’re not responsible for /2/0/3/ /4/3/0/ 490 lives aboard a military faster-than-light-speed starship, nor are you a cartoon police officer, nor do you drive a talking car. Become one of the examples in the commercial and your call volume will rise accordingly.

    Don’t, and your rate will be steady-state, much like Sir Fred Hoyle’s theory of the Universe.

    The fact that I feel compelled to say this is, I suppose, due to my feeling too alone in my thoughts, which is not nearly as good a reason for sitting at a keyboard throughout much of the day as was Dr. Asimov’s, or Mr. Pohl’s.

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