Did My Nose Grow?


SJWs always lieVox Day’s SJWs Always Lie, released today, is at this writing the #1 Amazon Best Seller in two categories.

Though why should you believe me? You know what SJWs always do.

The book is named after the First Law of SJW: SJWs always lie. SJWS ALWAYS LIE is a useful guide to understanding, anticipating, and surviving SJW attacks from the perspective of a man who has not only survived, but thrived, after experiencing multiple attempts by Social Justice Warriors to disqualify, discredit, and disemploy him in the same manner they have successfully attacked Nobel Laureates, technology CEOs, broadcasters, sports commentators, school principals, and policemen. It analyzes well-known SJW attacks as well as the two most successful examples of resistance to the SJW Narrative, #GamerGate and Sad Puppies.

I have a copy and will read it and report back.

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  1. And on Amazon.co.uk, Theo Pratt is within 200 rankings of that other guy, so it will probably only take a few UK purchases to have the distinction of officially preferring Pratts to Poxes.

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