Did You Miss Me?

Curated by Carl Slaughter: In case you missed these rather obscure television series. (And afterwards, check out our popular post on Threshold.)

(1) Earth:  Final Conflict

(2) Starman

(3) Project S.E.R.A.

(4) Adult Wednesday Addams

(5) Time Cop

(6) Otherworld

(7) Lexx

(8) The Visitor

(9) Space 1999

(10) Time Tunnel (unaired pilot)

(11) Ultraman

(12) Ultraman USA

(13) The Tick

(14) The Silver Surfer

7 thoughts on “Did You Miss Me?

  1. I definitely missed Adult Wednesday Addams (and I suspected that there were legal issues when it disappeared).

  2. Hmm, the guy who put the Adult Wednesday Addams shorts back up is almost certainly skirting the bounds of legality. And may not be helping Ms. Hunter (though I’m not sure if her negotiations with the Addams estate are still ongoing). I mean, I’m glad they’re out there, but….

    Ms. Hunter’s comments on what happened can be found here. (And are rather humorous as well as sad.)

  3. Charles Addams second wife was a money grubber and had him sign away rights to his characters, which is how the world got those awful Hannah Barbarian Addams family shows. If you were to look up the “foundation” for Charles Addams, you’d note her name comes first. Yes, the legal issues.

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