Digital Book World 2019 Awards

The Digital Book World 2019 Award winners were named at a ceremony in Nashville, TN on September 10.

The 2019 finalists came out on August 27. In contrast to 2018, there was no separate category for science fiction this year. These two categories included finalists of genre interest. The winners are in boldface.

Best Book (Suspense/Horror)

  • Her One Mistake (Heidi Perks)
  • Xenon Phobia (Sterling Emmal)
  • Five Midnights (Ann Davila Cardinal)
  • Wanderer (Chuck Wendig)

Best Use of Emerging Technology

  • The Ghostkeeper’s Journal and Field Guide (Japhet Asher)
  • The Chef (James Patterson)
  • Space Race (Ben Hubbard)
  • Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (Netflix)
  • Disney Read-Along Books (Google / Disney)
  • Adventuron
  • Shift to All Digital-First Textbooks (Pearson)
  • Audible Customer Support Line Through Alexa (Amazon)