Disney’s “Mars and Beyond” (1957)

By Andrew Porter: Excellent 53-minute long speculation, cobbled together from weekly segments of Disneyland. You just have to get past the wacky-yuck-yuck Disney background to the serious extrapolation, which happens about 16 minutes in. Then it gets very SFnal starting at 24 minutes, with lots of art based on Chesley Bonestell’s designs. Narration by the guy who did numerous other SF films of the 1950s; great gravelly “this is serious stuff” voice.

One thought on “Disney’s “Mars and Beyond” (1957)

  1. I remember seeing this when it first came out. Pretty good, actually, and whimsical. I liked the ‘SF Adventure” with the “hero”, the “heroine”, and the BEMs. The information was remarkably up to date for almost 60 years ago. Thirty-odd years later, of course, we sent probes to Mars; and, as someone recently pointed out, the first saucer-shaped spacecraft to visit another world was sent from Earth to Mars. Seeing this again gave me a real nostalgia fit.

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