Doctor Who Blog Tour — The Return of Rose Tyler to Comics

The Doctor Who: Alternating Current Blog Tour makes its final stop today at File 770! We feature Cat Eldridge’s review of the comic, and a gallery of interior pages.

Review By Cat Eldridge: First, you need to know that Doctor Who: Alternating Current is a sequel to Titan Comics graphic novel of the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctors battling the Weeping Angels and the Autons in London, A Tale of Two Time Lords: A Little Help from My Friends. After that first adventure together, the paradox of their meeting has caused history to go awry resulting in the Sea Devils having taken over the Earth. They first appeared in Doctor Who in the 1970 Doctor Who and the Silurians serial. 

Now a Rose Tyler leads the human resistance, but as always there is more going on than is apparent. Can the two Doctors work together and bring reality back to normal? This is a Tyler centered story so we get a lot of detailed on Rose and Jackie, her mother. Alternative timelines are a bitch it seems. (Hence my use of a Rose Tyler) As always I’m not detailing the story as that’d spoil your pleasure on reading it. It’s a truly great Who story. 

Jody Houser has given us a story of pasts that  apparently never happened, and the futures that might never happen because of what is going on now, and she does ever so well. Her script does a spot-on job of making the dialogue sound like the characters di on the series.

I’m quite fond of the story here and Roberta Ingranata’s artwork complements it very nicely. I admit that I’d like to have seen some of the panels opened up a bit as some of layout seemed a bit cramped. Just my preference. 

The artwork follows the jump.

Doctor Who Vol. 1: Alternating Current. On sale on May 11, 2021. Available to order via Amazon, Forbidden Planet and for digital devices.

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    Which is precisely why I don’t give away the story when I do these reviews as I assume that y’all will be reading them at some point. One hundred plus pages of story with illustrations doesn’t allow for details about the plot without giving away too much in my opinion.

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