6 thoughts on “Doctor Who Series 11 Release Date Trailer

  1. If this is the level of wit we can expect from Chris Chibnall, the show is in far worse straits than even I’d suspected. This has, I must stress, absolutely nothing to do with the new Doctor’s gender, although I anticipate that will be raised continually by those seeking to defend what may well be the final season of “nuWho”, judging by the collapsing audience figures.

  2. IIRC those numbers are only for BBC not for BBC America or any other secondary revenue generating sources such as DVD and Blu-ray. BritBot, Twitch and Amazon stream older seasons so BBC certainly isn’t not making money off of the show. Total revenue numbers, not viewership, is the key here.

  3. How about we wait and see instead of condemning in advance? I, for one, am excited. And I also remember that new doctors sometimes need a few episodes to shake out, so I will give them some time.

  4. And I just went digging into the audiance numbers for the show. Due to BBC America and other viewing options that didn’t exist all that many years ago, the total numbers are actually up, not down. And BBC isn’t likely to cancel a show that generates nearly forty percent of total revenues.

    I’m very excited about this Doctor.

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