16 thoughts on “Doctor Who: Series 11 Trailer #2

  1. The first time I watched it (elsewhere) it didn’t have captions, but this one does. Much better! I liked it.

  2. Aside from the rather tired tagline (“It’s about time” was used for Paul McGann back in 1996), my main thought after watching this trailer is to wonder who chose that appalling pop tune to back it.

  3. Wow, they used the same tag line twice in 22 years? That is so uninventive. Clearly there will be nothing new this time around. (/sarcasm)

  4. @Steve Green: for that matter, It’s About Time was a wretched cod-SF TV show that managed to survive a whole season in 1966-7. (Imogene Coca must have found it a dreadful comedown from Your Show of Shows.) Dearie me, reusing a line twice in 52 years? Bring out the whips and boiling oil!

  5. For my part, I haven’t watched this trailer or the previous one. I want to watch the new series as unspoiled as possible.

  6. David Goldfarb, you’re not the only one who has avoided the trailers in order to be unspoiled.

    Say, anyone know what the name of the last Christmas Episode was? I’ve got Tivo set up to grab Dr. Who, and I want to make sure I get that episode if they run a Dr. Who marathon, since I missed it nine months ago.

  7. @Steve Green

    I think, given your several comments across multiple posts, that we get that you are really unhappy with this regeneration of the Doctor. I think we can take that as written.

  8. @Kathryn Sullivan: Thanks, much better and feels more like a Doctor Who trailer, with that music. šŸ™‚

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