Documentaries, Behind the Scenes, and Plain Old Fansplaining

Compiled by Carl Slaughter:

  • Superman

A look back at the making of the classic 1978 blockbuster


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  • Hulk

Backstory on the 1978 to 1982 CBS tv series and some outtakes from the show.


  • Star Trek

Here is a look back at the Original Star Trek Series from the genesis of the show to the cancellation of the show.


  • Iron Man

From Entertainment Weekly — “Forging Iron Man: How director Jon Favreau launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe”.

JON FAVREAU: I had met Avi Arad [CEO and president of Marvel Studios] when I was playing Foggy Nelson in the Daredevil film with Ben Affleck. Years later, when he was pulling together Marvel Studios, he reached out to me to come in. In the subsequent time, I had directed Elf and Zathura, and he had gotten the rights to Iron Man and the Hulk. I met with them in their first offices on Beverly Boulevard above the Mercedes dealership. It was a few people in a few offices. It wasn’t very glamorous at all.

Iron Man was a relatively low-budget film. There was a sense that comic-book movies had run their course, and we were marching out the B-list heroes and trying to release films at a more modest budget. Under those circumstances, it wasn’t like you had your standard list of movie stars to choose from. I sat down with Robert Downey Jr., and he looked great, and he had this very focused energy. I had, of course, been a fan of his work, and I got the sense that he was very serious about this role and about his career. It was the first time I met with somebody where I understood how the movie would come together. It wasn’t an easy job to get him cast. There was quite a bit of resistance at first. But after he had filmed his screen test, the studio got excited.

  • Star Wars

  • Walking Dead

When AMC’s The Walking Dead first premiered on Halloween night in 2010, it felt as if the world stopped turning and television lovers across the globe turned into zombies themselves — ones hungry for more episodes of the groundbreaking post-apocalyptic horror series.


  • Jurassic Park

Behind the scenes of the Spielberg classic Jurassic Park.


  • Back to the Future

  • Infinity Stones

CinemaBlend learned “A Marvel Comics Editor Posted A Really Handy Explanation Of The Infinity Stones”.

Warning: SPOILERS for Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther are ahead!

Right now, five Infinity Stones are accounted for in the MCU. The Power Stone is still locked safely away in the Nova Corps vault, Loki retrieved the Space Stone before Asgard was destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok, the Mind Stone is still powering The Vision, the Time Stone is resting in Kamar-Taj as the Eye of Agamotto, and as far as we know, The Collector still possesses the Reality Stone. That leaves only the Soul Stone that hasn’t been officially introduced outside of Collector’s history lesson in Guardians of the Galaxy. While some speculated that we might finally see the Soul Stone during Black Panther, that didn’t end up happening, though there’s still a chance it is indeed resting in Wakanda judging by how the African nation will be an important battleground in Avengers: Infinity War.

  • Alien

In deep space, the crew of the commercial starship Nostromo is awakened from their cryo-sleep capsules halfway through their journey home to investigate a distress call from an alien vessel. The terror begins when the crew encounters a nest of eggs inside the alien ship. An organism from inside an egg leaps out and attaches itself to one of the crew, causing him to fall into a coma.


  • Aliens

  • Predator

If it bleeds we can kill it: The Cast and Crew talk about “Predator” (1987).


  • Matrix

There are some crazy work done behind the Stage of The Matrix (1999).


  • Total Recall

  • Terminator 2

  • RoboCop

  • The Thing

  • Ex Machina

Cinema Sins admits, “Ex Machina is not only excellent science fiction, it’s just plain one of the best movies of the decade. We love it. Still found some sins… you know how we do.”

  • Time Tunnel

  • Howard Stark

ScreenRant answers: “How Did Howard Stark Get The Vibranium For Cap’s Shield?”

Ulysses Klaue told Agent Everett Ross in Black Panther that he’s the only person to have infiltrated Wakanda and come out alive (in 1992). Of course, he had help from N’Jobu, but he maintains that no one has ever successfully entered (and exited) the fictitious nation aside from him. But perhaps there were other black market dealers (or even just outsiders) before his time – some of which had ties with Howard. After all, some earlier Wakandan artifacts ended up in the British Museum which Killmonger said were forcefully taken from the central African country.

  • Agent Carter

  • Archer

  • Narnia

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  1. I made the mistake of DVRing the latest ALIEN movie from HBO. Things to remember about the series: always take weapons and space suits to distant planets, but don’t use them. Make sure to lean over suspicious looking alien creatures, with your bare face and head.

    Go to places where your communications devices will fail. Make sure to have the emergency medical facilities in the most remote part of the space ship, and be sure the rooms have lots of nooks and crannies where stuff can hide. Disregard advice everyone gives you, including your ship’s computer.

    I don’t think I need to go on…

  2. @Andrew Porter
    Lots of TV shows and some movies rely on “the idiot plot,” where the main thing driving the action is the incomprehensibly stupid actions of the cast. I think one of the “Honest Trailers” for “The Walking Dead” made that point.

    It’s a lot harder to get away with it in written SFF, even short fiction, but for some reason movies (and especially TV) thrive on it.

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