Dog Bites Man

They say it isn’t news when dog bites man. And don’t you feel the same way when you hear about another fan having computer woes? Not exactly headline-making stuff. Except in my case that’s what’s been choking the headline machine for the past few days.

Our home network has been out of commission since Monday and I can’t access this blog through my work computer, which means doing what little I can through my Kindle. (Well, to be fair I can do anything I like provided I’m willing to take an infinite amount of time….) Or this evening Diana has her work computer at home so I can get a bit done. Hopefully we’ll have all channels open again very soon.

5 thoughts on “Dog Bites Man

  1. Because of higher thresholds for security, Yahoo Groups has been refusing all my e-mails for the last 3 weeks, because I have a G Mail account but access it through my home computer. Ah for the days of water-powered computers!

  2. @Andy: “because I have a G Mail account but access it through my home computer”. Actually, because you send Gmail via your ISP’s SMTP rather than through Gmail’s SMTP. That is being more security conscious on Yahoo!Groups’ part, and hard to fault them for. Until you get someone to make that minor adjustment within your email client’s options, you’ve been advised that you could send email to any Y!G via the Gmail website to avoid the problem.

  3. My latest bit for you is that in correcting my Mail problems, a person who I will not inflict more problems on by naming them has caused several things in Mail for the Mac to Go Away, so I’ve been unable for forward news bits to anyone for the last week or so. So I missed several news items of note.

    Meanwhile, my cat is due to be scanned on Friday, coming up on 5 years since my cancer operation.

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