12 thoughts on “Dublin 2019 Program Available on Grenadine

  1. Unfortunately, the ability to log in and save a personal schedule does not appear to be available yet.

  2. Is the app free? I’m bringing a tablet that I plan to put the app on, but may just use the pocket program and my personal table of events if the app is expensive.

  3. I could log in and make a personal schedule with no problem. Yes, the app is free.

  4. Hampus Eckerman: I could log in and make a personal schedule with no problem.

    Is that on the app or on the desktop? On the desktop, I get:
    Sorry, the event organizer has disabled the login functionality for this site.

  5. I contacted Dublin 2019 programme support about the problem with saving a personal schedule in a web browser.

    They replied that there was still some ongoing configuration, and that they hope to turn on that feature in the next day or two.

  6. Hmm, I’m seeing the opposite. I can save a schedule in the app, but it says “The organizer disabled logging in for this event.” I can log in on the website (with Google) and save a schedule there. But, of course, the schedules can’t sync.

    (I’m not actually going to be there, but I’m using it to remind me about streaming the Opening and Hugo ceremonies.)

  7. Nevermind — now I’m logged into both and syncing. Found a reload data button in the app and then the ability to login in the app showed up.

  8. The app allowed you to save items without logging in. The desktop version did not. But they enabled login during the last 24 hours, and I’m now able to login both on the mobile app and on the desktop version, and have synced the items I added to the app pre-login to the desktop version now.

  9. @JJ: Yay, good to hear! I e-mailed a couple of days ago asking about it and was told they’d be enabling it soon. I’m happy they’ve done it so quickly.

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