Dublin in 2019 Presupport Deadlines

Dublin in 2019 Worldcon bid chair James Bacon has announced on their website that midnight BST on August 6 is the deadline to presupport or upgrade support levels using their online facility.

Dublin is running unopposed, and site selection voting will be finalized this month at Worldcon 75.

Friends and superfriends  of the 2019 bid will become attending members if they vote in site selection, and presupporters and backers will get small discounts on their memberships if they vote in site selection.

Details are here: https://dublin2019.com/support-us/

James Bacon welcomes all those who want to get in before the window closes —

Likewise, if you have friends who were interested and wanted to join, becoming a friend and then converting once we win, would be welcomed. The more members we have from the start, the better we can plan.

As ever, my thanks to those of you who pre-supported at any level. We are in a great position, and if we win the bid, you should know you were an integral part of that, and that is why many of you did pre-support us, and for that, along with the committee, we are very thankful.

[Thanks to Bruce Albrecht for the story]