Eastercon 2022 Announced

Eastercon, the UK’s longest running science fiction convention, will be called Reclamation in 2022. The committee’s intention is to return Eastercon to an in-person event if possible. However, the announcement does not say where it would be held. The convention dates are Friday, April 15 to Monday, April 18, 2022.

The Guests of Honor are Mary Robinette Kowal, Zen Cho, Philip Reeve and Nicholas Whyte.

Memberships are available now, from the reclamation2022 website. The committee says they are “considering all options for the convention, whether it has to be online only, in person or a hybrid event. They are watching other conventions closely to find the best possible solutions for hybrid and virtual events.”

The committee consists of Chair: Phil Dyson; Treasurer: Phil Nanson, Programme: Ali Baker and Virginia Preston; Secretary: Clare Boothby; Registration: James Shields; and Communications (Web & PRs): Emma Kalson.

Update: The Eastercon 2022 committee added in response to my question:

The venue is currently not confirmed due to complications caused by the global pandemic, but the plans for the event are very much underway. Currently event organisers have not been able to visit the site; it will be one that Eastercon has been held at in the past (though not too recently) and will be in the South of England.

6 thoughts on “Eastercon 2022 Announced

  1. The convention newsletter in its report on the business meeting has this:
    “The venue is not confirmed but the committee are currently negotiating with a site in the south of England.”

  2. And the Eastercon 2022 committee has answered my question about the site with substantially that information. I’ve added it to the post.

  3. Further tweet reveals that the (planned) location is one that has hosted an Eastercon before, but not very recently.
    Which presumably rules out the Birmingham and Heathrow sites.

  4. I do NOT know what venue they are contracting on, but it appears to be a venue which had very substantial accessibility problems in the past. They have apparently been resolved but without a site visit, which is currently illegal with the current lockdown rules in the UK, the concom didn’t feel like committing.

  5. At this point, barring horrific news, I will be taking my 2020 TAFF delegate trip to Luxcon/Eurocon the weekend before this and then coming on to Reclamation, with further voyaging on whichever side of the twin weekend has more to offer in the way of hosts and invites.

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