eFanzines Status Report

Bill and Mary Burns came through Hurricane Sandy with no damage, but they lost electricity for almost a week, and it went down again when the nor’easter came through November 7. Bill says he’s powering essential home electrical equipment from his Prius and they have gas for hot water and cooking.

Bill’s eFanzines site is unaffected because its server is in the cloud, but until power is restored he can’t bring up his main PC to do updates.

2 thoughts on “eFanzines Status Report

  1. Shortly after I sent Mike this update, the valiant linemen restored our power for the second time. All praise to the thousands of field workers who came from all over the USA to restore electricity to almost a million customers affected by Sandy and the nor’easter that followed, and rotten tomatotes to the management of the Long Island Power Authority, who failed to come through on a promise made after Tropical Storm Irene in 2011 that they would keep customers updated in the event of an outage. The information on the LIPA website was worse than useless, giving only general totals of outages and no indication of when power might be restored, and almost two weeks after the storm, 100,000 customers on Long Island are still without power.

    eFanzines updates will soon resume.

  2. Great news. If only F770 could claim to have rendered for you the service that the internet gave to Patrick Stewart when he was getting the runaround from Time Warner Cable.

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