Ellison Acknowledges Well Wishes

Harlan Ellison told readers of his forum that today (November 2) he wheeled into the back office of his home to catch up on reading everyone’s wishes for his recovery:

Things here move on apace; no major inconveniences; Susan is a marvel of patience and adaptability; you and hundreds of other close friends, casual friends, acquaintances old and new, have been noted, smiled-back-upon, and appreciated. The remarkable GetWellQuickly Gift Basket containing the Shroud of Turin was especially eye-opening and converted me on the spot to Russian Orthodox Catholicism.

And it was Susan Ellison’s turn to remind people to buy her book, 8 in 80 by Ellison, stories drawn from each of the last eight decades of Harlan’s career.

For example, the 1940s are represented by “The Sword of Parmagon,” a five-part serial written by 15-year-old Harlan Ellison in the style of Sir Walter Scott, and includes his four illustrations.

Susan leads off the collection with a 3,900-word introduction explaining her selections and “providing hitherto unknown insights about life in The Lost Aztec Temple of Mars” — which as fans know is a nickname for their home.

1 thought on “Ellison Acknowledges Well Wishes

  1. If you are correct and Harlan is indeed back home, I can only scream ‘Bravo!”. I know what it is like being medically incarcerated in a hospital and it is not much fun (I was in the hospital for 2 damn months back in the early 90’s). When I was released and Harlan found out, he made sure I had something to enjoy in the form of a box of inscribed books for my collection. Rock on Harlan.

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