Ellison Gaining Ground

John DeChancie spent this afternoon (October 15) visiting Harlan Ellison in company with David Gerrold and Jerry Pournelle. John pleased his Facebook readers with a report that Ellison can now raise his right arm and lift his right leg, which he was unable to do two days ago. He also was able to sit in a wheelchair.

Jason Davis visited, too, and like everyone else saw the author’s lively mind working at full speed. He told Harlan Ellison’s Facebook Fanclub that Harlan was answering the phone with trivia questions from Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

Meanwhile, David Gerrold let me know I should have quoted him, too, in my roundup about Harlan’s visitors on Monday. Here’s what David wrote on Facebook, and the punchline is still fresh:

From the neck up he’s still an irascible old coot, talking a mile a minute and having us all laughing so hard it was amazing. Hospitals aren’t supposed to be this much fun. I’m sure the doctors and nurses would …be incredibly entertained if they understood half the arcane references.

BTW, the difference between Klingon and Yiddish is that Klingon has vowels.

And if you aren’t already smiling, read Clifford Meth’s anecdote about his first visit to Harlan’s house and you will be.