Ellison Goes On Record

The title of a new interview in the L.A. Record“Harlan Ellison: Everything Is Awful” — may go overboard but, as Harlan’s 1950s gang stories attest, he has never romanticized youth and sees no reason to start now.

One of your many achievements on the page was bringing a kind of proto-punk attitude and aesthetic to fantasy writing. While we’re on the subject of young people, please relate any cranky rant about kids today here.
I think on the day after the Aurora, Colorado, massacre, anything said about young people today is moot. No one will face the fact that the NRA runs America and is killing us. There were more people killed in that Aurora slaughter than were killed in the entire country of Japan last year. Only eleven people killed by gunfire in Japan last year and this kid killed twelve. This is bewildering. It’s certainly way past the kid gang stuff, where if you had a switchblade or a zip-gun, you were deadly. Now, they’re deadly and they have AK-47s.

Ron Garmon conducted the interview.

[Thanks to Martin Morse Wooster and Andrew Porter for the story.]

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