Ellison Story Elected To Libertarian Futurist Society Hall of Fame

Harlan Ellison’s “‘Repent, Harlequin!’ Said the Ticktockman” has been chosen by members of the Libertarian Futurist Society as the 2015 Prometheus Hall of Fame winner.

Originally published in Galaxy in December 1965, “Repent, Harlequin!” portrays one man’s surrealist rebellion against a repressive future society obsessed with timeliness. Ellison’s rule-breaking narrative structure and style have made the story memorable to generations of readers.

Prometheus Awards for Best Novel and Hall of Fame commemorate works of science fiction and fantasy with pro-freedom themes.

The award ceremony will take place Saturday, May 9, at Marcon in Columbus, Ohio, as part of the Libertarian Futurist Society’s participation in the celebration of Marcon’s fiftieth anniversary. The LFS will present a Special Award for Lifetime Achievement to F. Paul Wilson in the same ceremony.

The awards consist of plaques with gold coins mounted on them, a symbol of free minds and free trade.

A full list of past Prometheus Award winners in all categories is here.

8 thoughts on “Ellison Story Elected To Libertarian Futurist Society Hall of Fame

  1. Mike,

    I’ve been reading for some time, and I wanted to compliment you on your coverage. You have put to shame many a major media outlet with your thoroughness and objectivity. Too bad they do not have your ethics.



    P.S. You save me a good 4 or 5 hours a day from not having to hunt all this crap down.

  2. Sean, I really agree with you, especially when it comes to Mike’s Hugo/award slate crisis/fiasco/tragedy coverage. Hopefully, people from both side of this affair will ultimately award Mike Glyer for the evenhandedness of his coverage.

  3. James: LFS has a tie with Marcon now, so I guess they are presenting some honors there. But it looks like they are continuing to present the main Prometheus Award(s) at Worldcon — see this press release from 2014.

  4. Don’t they usually announce a shortlist with this one? As I recall they’re fairly similar each year though; Rudyard Kipling has lost this award a Susan Lucci-esque number of times…

  5. Jeff R: They announced a shortlist last year in a press release and I posted about it. The LFS Prometheus Award site makes no reference to a 2015 shortlist. Perhaps an LFS member reading this post can comment on this year’s selection process.

  6. Voting for the Hall of Fame took place earlier this year than normal as this award will be presented at MarCon, along with a Lifetime Achievement Award to F. Paul Wilson. The Best Novel Award will still be presented at Worldcon. Ellison might not have been shortlisted as often as Kipling (both short stories), but I would say he’s been a finalist many times for this story.

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