Ellison Takes Over The Means of Production

Harlan Ellison, who’s told so many horror stories about the indignities suffered by his work on other people’s networks, has finally cut out the middleman and started The Harlan Ellison Channel on YouTube.

The early offerings include installments of the Sci-Fi Buzz commentaries he did for the Sci-Fi Channel in 1993. But don’t call Ellison a sci-fi writer, he warns, or ultaviolence will ensue.

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the story.]

3 thoughts on “Ellison Takes Over The Means of Production

  1. There is a story, the truth of which I do not know, that in the early days of CNN Harlan walked out of a remote interview during which the chiron labeled him

    Harlan Ellison, Sci-Fi Guy

    leaving the director cutting to an empty chair when the reporter turned the conservation to him.

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