Eric P. Scott Passes Away

Bay Area fan Eric P. Scott was found dead in his apartment on January 16 by friends who had grown concerned they had not heard from him for awhile.

The San Francisco Medical Examiner’s office said he died peacefully in his sleep (he was in bed) reports Lynn Gold. However, he had been battling a heart condition for some time.

Scott was a highly-regarded convention party-thrower, as Chaz Boston Baden emphasized in a moving tribute to Eric posted here.

Eric P. Scott (“EPS”) was my friend for twenty years. He (along with Lynn Gold) taught me everything he knew about hosting room parties at science fiction conventions. One of the things he was passionate about was raising the bar for room parties, for example at Loscon (the Thanksgiving weekend convention in L.A.)….

Scott also was active in the Bay Area Science Fiction Association.

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6 thoughts on “Eric P. Scott Passes Away

  1. This is sad, and I’m glad he did so many fine Room Partries (a few of which I attended, and enjoyed immensely). It’s also a bit chilling, because I expect to have a similar post in the (hopefully not near) future, though directed to public attention by neighbors who notice the smell. *shrug*

  2. Really sorry to hear this! I knew Eric back when I lived in the Bay Area and we used to trade Internet-related jokes back when that was more of an “in” thing. He was a very friendly intelligent presence in local fandom and I’m sure he will be missed.

  3. Eric was a valued member of the community that has grown up around the SF in SF events program. I was so sorry to hear of his passing – he was a generous contributor to the film nights, and he’ll be missed. Rest in peace, Eric.

  4. Eric was a special person. He was one of the most intelligent
    people I have known. Eric was a very giving person and helped countless people with their computer and networking problems. I am so grateful for all of the gave me so much help over the years. With my computers and with my web design. If I needed some java script for a pull down menu, Eric would create an example and from there I could replicate it. He wouldn’t take money from me for his help – but instead would say “let’s go to Costco, you can buy me some pizza and a smoothie; pizza being one of Eric’s favorite foods .
    Eric had a kind heart and was a good person. He loved getting the best deal on food or products and would go a mile to save fifty cents. He loved food and couldn’t wait until the Ben & Jerry’s free ice cream day and he would hop all over San Francisco to each store for his free ice cream. Eric loved to give small gifts to his friends and when he returned from a trip or a convention, he had “goodies” for everyone. I have a gigantic pen collection that grew over time and many other useful and not so useful things. My black T-shirt collection is a gift from Eric.

    I am truly sad that he has passed on and feel a deeper sense of loss that I could have expected. I knew that Eric had health problems and in the last six months I saw him change as a result of increasing issues.

    As I said, Eric helped me with so many of my computer needs. I have actually never downloaded or installed anything on my computer as Eric did it all. He would come by our building each Monday where we would have free bagels and cake and
    coffee. I always made sure that he had plenty to eat and drink. If there wasn’t the right mix of things here or depending on his mood – I’d take him to get a bite to eat, though it was usually at Costco where he liked to go and look at all the items on sale and sample all the new offerings.

    I told Eric that if anything ever happened to me that my new I-Mac was his.

    Eric was also very very active in civic activities and would go to Muni meetings, was a member of Market Street Railway, was a transit buff, championed the “No Tax on Soda” recently and took up many other caused that he felt were of importance for the common good.

    Eric was my friend and I will sure miss him.

  5. PS – I knew that something was wrong when I didn’t hear from him for several weeks. His phone kept picking up. I called UCSF where I knew his doctors were and found out that he had checked in for an undetermined amount of time and that he had been released. I continued to call his apartment – but just got his message. I actually did a death notices search several times before tonight – and now I know. Well the one thing that Eric never wanted to do was to put the new additional ram into the i-mac and I know it was because he wanted to see me do it and so he left me instructions. Guess it’s time to say “thank you Eric” – by actually doing this myself.

  6. Thanks, John, for writing your very moving memorial about our son Eric. I have been happy to learn he had so many friends who cared about him. You captured so much about Eric’s good heart that it almost brings me to tears. I also learned things about Eric that he didn’t tell us, his parents. I am grateful that you wrote about him.

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