Erin Underwood Wins DUFF

Erin Underwood has won the 2020 Down Under Fan Fund and will become its new North American Administrator.

DUFF co-administrator Paul Weimer reports 60 ballots were cast. One of the ballots did not contain any voting information and the donation was just counted as a donation to the fund. Erin won an outright majority on the first round, with 37 first place votes.

However, with ConZealand being a virtual Worldcon this year and Corvid-19, Erin will not be traveling to New Zealand this year, but hopes to travel to Australasia in the DUFF tradition in 2021, health and world events permitting.

7 thoughts on “Erin Underwood Wins DUFF

  1. Thank you! I really appreciate the vote of confidence and plan to start organizing regular online DUFF Fan Chats in the months leading up to ConZealand along with an edition of Journey Planet that highlights New Zealand and ConZealand in late June/early July since March didn’t seem the right time to publish something like that.

    I will also be organizing an online Fan Fund Auction for DUFF. This is something I have never organized an online auction before. So, if you have any advice, I’d love to hear it. If you have something that you’d like to contribute to the auction, please let me know!

    Thank you again! If you have any questions or ideas that you’d like to share for DUFF, please let me know!

  2. Alas, the news at the link lists votes for each candidate by first name only. To refresh your memory, they were:
    Richard Auffrey, Shaun Duke, James Davis Nicoll, and Erin Underwood.

  3. Voters, in alphabetical order, are:

    David Axler, Judith Bemis, Ann Broomhead, Cora Buhlert, Pamela Burr, Joann CoX, Gay Ellen Dennett, Vincent Docherty, Richard Duffy, Rebecca Evans, Sean Fagan, Donald S Fitch, Mary Fitzgerald, Janice Gelb, Chadwick Ginther, David Goldfarb, David Grubbs, Donna Marie Hanson, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Mark Herrup, John Hertz, Robin Hill, Chip Hitchcock, Timothy Jzczeguil, Melita Kennedy, Michael David Kennedy, Rick Kovalcik, Robert Kuhn, Steven Lee, Chris Levesque, Anthony Lewis, Suford Lewis, Robert Lichtman, Michael Lowrey, Jim Mann, Laurie Mann, Vanessa May, Elizabeth McCarty, Garth Nix, Kelly Persona, Gillian Polack, Andrew Porter, John Reiher, Theresa Renner, Claire Rousseau, Juan Sanmiguel, Sharon Sbarsky, Catherine Sharp, Steven Silver, Alicia Smith, Geri Sullivan, Christine Taylor-Butler, Sten Thaning, Adrienne Travis, Leslie Turek, Jo Van, Corey White, William Wright, Jen Zink.

  4. Congratulations Erin. I do wish, however, that there had been more publicity provided prior to the end of voting. For example, I saw nothing posted on the Unofficial DUFF Facebook page concerning this election. This is probably the first DUFF election in which I failed to vote since my unsuccessful 1997 candidacy, and the main reason was that I did not see any reminders on any of the fan sites I follow, especially subsequent to the Worldcon’s decision to go virtual.

  5. @Andrew Porter: Is it possible that “Jzczeguil” is actually “Szczesuil”?

  6. @Jeff @andrew
    It’s possible, that was a handwritten ballot submitted to us and the handwriting was difficult for me to read.

    As I have noted elsewhere, I am confident that with Erin, the Fan Fund is in good hands.

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