ESFS Awards 2024 Nominees

The European Science Fiction Society has published the nominees for the 2024 ESFS Achievement Awards.

The ESFS Awards will be announced during Erasmuscon, the 2024 Eurocon in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The full list of nominees follows the jump.

Hall of Fame Best Artist Nominees:

  • Veselin Chakarov from Bulgaria;
  • Korina Hunjak from Croatia;
  • Elena Vieillard from France;
  • benSwerk (S. Beneš) from Germany;
  • Claudio Castellini from Italy;
  • Nora ‘Nono’ Back from Luxembourg;
  • Iris Compiet from Netherlands;
  • Zbigniew Bielak from Poland;
  • Libertad Delgado from Spain;
  • Vadym Antonyuk (Вадим Антонюк) from Ukraine;

Hall of Fame Best Author Nominees:

  • Marc Elsberg from Austria;
  • Guido Eekhaut from Belgium;
  • Vesela Flamburari from Bulgaria;
  • Igor Rendić from Croatia;
  • Pierre Bordage from France;
  • Christian Montillon from Germany;
  • Lanfranco Fabriani from Italy;
  • Maxime Weber from Luxembourg;
  • Adnadin Jasarevic from Bosnia-Herzegovina, nominated by Montenegro;
  • Jorrit de Klerk from Netherlands;
  • Marina Tena from Spain;
  • Adrian Tchaikovsky from United Kingdom;

Hall of Fame Best Publisher Nominees:

  • Ohneohren from Austria;
  • Ciela from Bulgaria;
  • Nakladatelství Epocha from Czechia;
  • Les Moutons électriques from France;
  • Memoranda (Hardy Kettlitz) from Germany;
  • Swan River Press from Ireland;
  • Zona 42 from Italy;
  • Local Public Broadcaster Radio Bijelo Polkje from Montenegro;
  • Wydawnictwo IX from Poland;
  • Obscura Editorial from Spain;
  • Vivat Publishing from Ukraine;

Hall of Fame Best Promoter Nominees:

  • Stefan Cernohuby from Austria;
  • Out of this World from Belgium;
  • The Citadelata Team from Bulgaria;
  • Bookworm Dreams from Croatia;
  • Viktoriya Lajoye & Patrice Lajoye from France;
  • Udo Klotz from Germany;
  • Brian Nisbet from Ireland;
  • Barbra Bucci from Italy;
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy Society Luxembourg from Luxembourg;
  • Dragic Rabrenovic from Montenegro;
  • Heidi van der Vloet & Martijn Lindeboom from Netherlands;
  • Śląski Klub Fantastyki (Silesian SFF Club, ŚKF) from Poland;
  • Cristina Macia from Spain;
  • Fantastic talk(s) from Ukraine;

Hall of Fame Best Magazine Nominees:

  • In Tenebris from Belgium;
  • Dracus from Bulgaria;
  • Morina Kutija from Croatia;
  • Gandahar from France;
  • Phantastisch! (Klaus Bollhöfener) from Germany;
  • Fantasy Magazine from Italy;
  • Droids & Druids Magazine from Spain;

Hall of Fame Best Translator Nominees:

  • Yavor Tsanev from Bulgaria;
  • Srebrenka Peregrin from Croatia;
  • Michel Pagel from France;
  • Hannes Riffel from Germany;
  • Karen Gerwig from Germany, nominated by Ireland;
  • Silvia Castoldi from Italy;
  • Manuel de los Reyes García Campos from Spain;
  • Anna Gustafsson Chen from Sweden;
  • Bohdan Stasiuk (Богдан Стасюк) from Ukraine;

Achievement Award Best Work of Art Nominees:

  • The cover of “Von Andromeda bis Uptopia” by Reinhard Habeck from Austria;
  • Cover art of Victoria Hancox’s “The Phantom Self”, by Phillip Tzonkin from Bulgaria;
  • Slavic Supernatural by Antonio Filipović from Croatia;
  • “Colonies” book cover, by Alain Brion from France;
  • Cover Illustration of “Die magische Bibliothek” by Timo Kümmel from Germany;
  • Jog Brogzin’s map for Octocon 2023 from Ireland;
  • Trinacria Station by Franco Brambilla from Italy;
  • EuroCon 2022 Poster from Luxembourg;
  • “Winter Dragon” by Sandy Butchers from Netherlands;
  • Cover of Bons Averanys, by Marina Vidal from Spain;
  • Taras Kopanskyi, illustrations to Joe Abercrombie’s books for Nebo Booklab Publishing from Ukraine;
  • “Realms of Imagination” by Sveta Dorosheva, artwork made for the British Library’s “Fantasy: Realms of Imagination” exhibition from Ukraine, nominated by UK;

Achievement Award Best Written Work of Fiction Nominees:

  • “Findungstag” by Caroline Hofstätter from Austria;
  • “Het hart van de zomer” (The heart of the summer) by Petra Doom from Belgium;
  • “Hunt” by Emil Minchev from Bulgaria;
  • “Dark Woods, Deep Water” by Jelena Dunato from Croatia;
  • “SOLAR PUNK” ed. by Helle Perrier from Denmark;
  • “Rossignol” by Audrey Pleynet from France;
  • “Perry Rhodan: Atlantis” by Ben Calvin Hary et al. from Germany;
  • “Cosmopedia” by Alessandro Vietti from Italy;
  • Das Gangrän by Maxime Weber from Luxembourg;
  • Anthology of Contemporary Balkan Fiction edited by Dragić Rabrenović from Montenegro;
  • “Vergruisde stemmen” by Anthonie Holslag from Netherlands;
  • “Intermnemosis” by Celia Corral-Vázquez from Spain;
  • Макс Кідрук «Нові Темні Віки. Колонія», “The Colony. A New Dark Ages” by Max Kidruk from Ukraine;
  • “House of Open Wounds” by Adrian Tchaikovsky fromUnited Kingdom;
  • “Hopeland” by Ian McDonald from United Kingdom, nominated by Ireland;

Achievement Award Best Dramatic Presentation Nominees:

  • “Rubikon” from Austria;
  • “The Sorcery School: A Fantasy Musical” from Bulgaria;
  • “Bod obnovy” (Restore Point) from Czechia;
  • “Mars Express” from France;
  • “Der Schwarm” by Doelger, Welbers, Goez, Growth from Germany;
  • “Siccità” by Paolo Virzì from Italy;
  • “Kommunioun / Wolfkin” from Luxembourg;
  • “Arjen Lucassen” from Netherlands;
  • “Blasphemous 2” by The Game Kitchen from Spain;
  • “Good Omens Season 2” from United Kingdom;

Achievement Award Best Fanzine Nominees:

  • Faun 1 from Austria;
  • I Kratko zine 7th issue “AI” (Artificial Intelligence) from Bulgaria;
  • Svemirski Brod 15 from Croatia;
  • A&A 164 from France;
  • Un’ambigua utopia 13 from Italy;
  • Aner Welten Solarpunk Special from Luxembourg;
  • Alice Jouanno HSF no. 2023-4 from Netherlands;
  • Biały Kruk 24 from Poland;
  • Vampire of Late Capitalism 1 by Carlos Gómez Gurpegui from Spain;
  • SF Forum 1/2023 from Sweden;
  • Das ist fantastisch! № 6 (2023) from Ukraine;

Achievement Award Best Work for Children Nominees:

  • “Superglitzer” by Melanie Laibl from Austria;
  • “Monsters en mislukte superhelden” (2022) by Bart de Wolf from Belgium;
  • “How to bring the bees back?” by Maya Bocheva – Wiki from Bulgaria;
  • “MÉTO – Zones noires” by Yves Grevet from France;
  • “Der kleine Perry: Das Geheimnis des Wanderplaneten” by Olaf Brill and Michael Vogt from Germany;
  • “Three Tasks for Dragon” by Eoin Colfer, illustrated by PJ Lynch from Ireland;
  • “Il miglio di cenere” by Dario Orilio from Italy;
  • “Sasha and Flint – A magical melody” by Sandra Martins from Luxembourg;
  • “De elementen van Akiran” by Ninja Paap-Luijtenfrom Netherlands;
  • “Leyendas del recreo 4: conspiración en las sombra” by Albert Monteys and El Hematocrítico from Spain;

Achievement Award Best Internet Publication Nominees:

  • Citadelata from Bulgaria;
  • Mora FM from Croatia;
  • Phantastik-News by Guido Latz from Germany;
  • Delos SF from Italy;
  • Aner Welten from Luxembourg;
  • from Montenegro;
  • El caballero del árbol sonriente from Spain;
  • Arkush (Аркуш). The self-publishing service and a contest platform from Ukraine;
  • Landing Zone Glasgow – The Glasgow 2024 Worldcon Blog from United Kingdom, nominated by Ireland;

Achievement Award Best Comic Book or Graphic Novel Nominees:

  • “Deep 6”, part 1 and 2 by Waldo van Gheluwe from Belgium
  • Katana: The Battle For Valokaan, by Miroslav Petrov (writer) and Veselin Chakarov (artist) from Bulgaria;
  • Octobriana by Marek Berger and Ondřej Kavalír from Czechia;
  • Transfer (Sillage 22) by Morvan & Buchet from France;
  • Ecoluzione by César Santivañez and Hugo Espinoza from Italy;

Achievement Award Best Event, Festival or Convention organised by Fans Nominees:

  • Through Nine Lands 2023 – Limits Unknown from Bulgaria;
  • SFeraKon 2023 from Croatia;
  • PentacontaCon – 50e Convention nationale française de science-fiction from France;
  • BuchmesseCon 2023 (Kurt Zelt – head of convention committee) from Germany;
  • Stranimondi 2023 from Italy;
  • LuxCon, the 2022 EuroConfrom Luxembourg;
  • André de Boer from Netherlands;
  • KONgres 2023 from Poland;
  • HispaCón23 Salduie from Spain;
  • Åcon 2023 from Finland, nominated by Sweden;
  • Enniskillen Comic Fest from United Kingdom, nominated by Ireland;

The Chrysalis Award Nominees:

  • Ralph Alexander Neumüller from Austria;
  • Finn Audenaert from Belgium;
  • Elitsa Hristova from Bulgaria;
  • Ivana Geček from Croatia;
  • Zuzana Johanovská from Czechia;
  • Marguerite Imbert from France;
  • Marie Erikson from Germany;
  • Courtney Smyth from Ireland;
  • Lucio Besana from Italy;
  • Audrey Martin from Luxembourg;
  • Nacho Iribarnegaray from Spain;
  • Serhii Pyltiai (Сергій Пильтяй) from Ukraine.

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