ESFS Nominations 2018

The European Science Fiction Society has released the nominees for its Achievement, Hall of Fame and Chrysalis awards.

The winners of these awards will be selected at the next general meeting of the ESFS, which will take place at the 40th Eurocon in Amiens from July 19-22.

The nominees in the various categories are contained in the following documents.

(I would run the lists here, unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t support all of the characters, nor can I work around that by substituting code.)

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4 thoughts on “ESFS Nominations 2018

  1. I concur about ESFS home page not being ‘journalist firendly’, actually it is not user friendly at all and over-designed (ironic since its layout is so simple). It now uses ‘Drop Box’ for documents and this is not accessbile from a number of protected terminals (such as all the community run workstations in my area).


  2. I have told the people several times. I guess more people would report about the awards if there were just on a plain page. And yes, it is also not user-friendly. Even for authors who are nominated (so highly interested in this matter), it seems to be quite confusing. (I am Austria´s delegate, so my job is to inform my landsman about that.)

  3. Those are some very cute looking awards BTW. Love the combination of a classic cup and a FIMO critter.

    The nominee list looks good as well, though it’s not easy to access.

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