Eugie Foster Honored With Reinhardt Award

Eugie Foster, who passed away in September 2014, was named the winner of the 2015 Hank Reinhardt Fan Award.

Formerly called the Georgia Fandom Award, it has been presented annually at Dragon Con since 1990 to an outstanding Georgia writer, artist or fan. In 2009 it was renamed after the its first Recipient, Hank Reinhardt.

SF Site News notes that in addition to her writing, Foster was active in running Dragon Con.

The award was announced at a banquet at Dragon Con this weekend.

5 thoughts on “Eugie Foster Honored With Reinhardt Award

  1. Eugie Foster was the editor for The Fix Online between 2007 and 2009, which reviewed short fiction. I had the privilege of writing some reviews under her, and that experience literally changed the way I read and opened new vistas of fiction and imagination for me.

    I’m sure I was just one of a crowd to Eugie, but she was insightful, charming, and all-around fantastic. Later I found her fiction as well, and, well, wow.

    Eugie’s death was a tragedy. And it still heartens me to see how well-loved and respected she is.

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