Fan Fund Auction on Friday

The Fan Fund Auction is proceeding in Sasquan’s Cabaret at Guinan’s adjacent to the Fanzine Lounge. Andrew Hooper and Jerry Kaufman have been doing a magnificent job keeping the bidding lively. I met TAFF delegate Nina Horvath while she was walking around an item on bid.

Curt Phillips’ donation, a .58 caliber bullet recovered from the Cedar Ceek Civil War battlefield, went for $40. That may seem like tame ammunition by John Ringo standards but it got a lot of action here.

7 thoughts on “Fan Fund Auction on Friday

  1. My pleasure to help out with the cause.

    I’ll be truthful and say that it amused me to buy a military artifact at WorldCon, but all for a good cause, right?

  2. Curt, and if you’d sent the cannon – I’d likely have bought that too. 😉

  3. Indeed, $40 is rather steep for a mini ball, though I imagine that the price has risen since I bought mine in1962 or ’63 — they were a buck or two each, then.

  4. Hearing the results of the Fan Fund auction is a wonderful bit of news to wake up to this Sunday morning! I am glad it went so well, and that fanzine sales are going splendidly, too. A heartfelt tip of the fez to Randy, Andy, and the rest of the Lost Fanzine Lounge crew!

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